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Life Touch Photo Orders are Due Tomorrow!

Just a reminder that Lifetouch photo orders are due tomorrow if you are wanting to order through the school. The order form needs filled out, and sent back sealed in the envelope provided.  Exact payment is needed.  The office doesn't open these, only forwards them on to the company.

For those who want a retake, please send back  BOTH the order form and Proof Form with the box checked that requests a retake by November 10.  The box you are looking for is on the bottom right hand side of the order form.  Please don't fold up and put the retake forms in the ordering envelope, so we clearly know you are wanting retakes. 

Retakes will happen Tuesday, November 16th first thing in the morning.  Due to restrictions Lifetouch is not taking group photos at this time.  Because of this, both kinder classes will NOT be coming in on the 16th as originally planned. Only puppies will be attending school that day, and for the full day.  If there are any kindergarten students in the kitten track who want a retake, a parent needs to bring them in (and then directly home after) from 8:45-9:00 on the 16th. 

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