About Hill Crest Community School

Hill Crest is a wonderful little country school. Located in the middle of a grain field in the Mennonite farming community of Blumenort. Halfway between La Crete and Fort Vermilion, we are the epitome of a rural school. 

Most of our 186 Kindergarten to Grade 9 students are farm kids with a strong work ethic and proud heritage. Our dedicated staff ( 13 teachers, 6 Education assistants, 3 support staff, 1 student wellness coach, 2 custodians, 6 bus drivers) is a diverse group from all over the country who take pride in the school and the good we do for children. 

Teacher at Hill Crest enjoy strong parent support. We are respected as professionals as we respect parents for the tough job they have raising children. We attempt to support one another in our quest to raise healthy young citizens. 

The mix of hardworking students, dedicated & professional staff, and supportive parents results in strong student achievement. Our students fair very well in academic endeavors as well as athletic pursuits, and most importantly, in life.

Wheather you are a parent, teacher, or student, Hill Crest Community School is a great place to be. I hope you find our little corner of cyberspace useful and informative, Should the information you are looking for not be within these pages, please do not hesitate to contact the school. We are here to serve.