Clubs and Activities offered at Hill Crest this year

Robotics: Date to be determined

Iron Chef: October after school on Thursdays 3:30-5:00.  La Crete Public School will be hosting the Divisional Iron Chef October 22.

Science Fair: February - March.  Rainbow Lake will be hosting the Divisional Science Fair.

Literacy Gala: Hosted by Rocky Lane School May 31.  Open to all FVSD schools.

Author's Lunch: November 23 Hosted by Hill Crest.  Open to FVSD schools with 1-3 students.

Cake Decorating: January

Boomwhacker Club: November

Trading Cards Club: Date to be determined

Photography: Date to be determined

Drama: January

Pottery: We offer an after school club for students as well as an evening club for adults.  Begins in November.

Gymnastics: Date to be determined